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The company was established on October 20, 1978. The company introduced the 40,000 psi ultra-high pressure water jet machine produced by FLOW in the United States at the beginning of its establishment. At that time, the application range of ultra-high pressure water jet was not widespread in China, and the company was not discouraged to promote it. The various difficulties encountered have been sent to major domestic companies, including automobile factories and petrochemical industry Demos, for reference to various manufacturers. After continuous promotion, various industries in China finally have a deeper understanding of ultra-high pressure waterjet machines and practical applications. In the cleaning of production equipment and cutting applications in fire-prohibited areas, the domestic petrochemical industry’s production equipment has been cleaned with water jets and cut and other maintenance operations have promoted the company’s performance.

40,000 PSI UHP Waterjet Cleaning .Cutting

The company currently has 40,000 psi ultra-high pressure water jet machines and tube bundle extraction machines, and each high-pressure water jet machine is fixed on a large truck. It is flexible and can quickly reach the construction site in a short time. At present, the company’s professional and technical personnel It has reached a few places, and it can meet the needs of various companies in terms of equipment and professional manpower allocation.

  • heat exchanger disassembly, cleaning
  • tanks, pipelines, water jet cleaning
  • Tubing waterjet cutting
  • equipment disassembly Handling
  • bundle pumping loaded
  • crane hire